Quad Cities Haunted Houses 2012

Quad Cities Haunted Houses

Quad Cities 2012 Haunted Houses Directory…information currently being updated

The most popular haunted houses as voted by you!  Click the pumpkins on each haunted house page to pick your favorite!  Scroll down the page for our complete list of all haunted houses!


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Guide to Haunted Housing

So you’ve decided to go Haunted Housing!  There are some things to keep in mind when you go out.

  • Plan plenty of time, some haunted houses have very long waits.  You could be in line for 1 to 3 hours at some of the largest venues.  Some haunted houses can take an hour just to go through!
  • Dress accordingly, don’t wear sandals, flip flops, open toe shoes or high-heels.  Most haunted houses are very dimly lit and at some point have uneven terrain along with other things on the floor and you don’t want to trip or get injured.  We recommend dressing in a few layers if its cold, and not wearing coats.  If you plan to wear gloves, stick them in your pockets prior to entering the indoor attractions, you might need all 5 senses to navigate!   We also suggest a minimal almost of loose jewelery, its hard to find a lost earring in the pitch black.
  • Put your phones on vibrate, don’t take them out while you’re inside the attraction and don’t plan on taking any photos or videos.  Most places will frown heavily on this.
  • Cash only, most haunted houses are cash only, so hit the ATM prior to to heading out.
  • Go with smaller groups, you can usually only go through with at most 6 people at a time, and no one wants to be split up from their friends!
  • Don’t touch the haunters, we’re all here to have fun, don’t touch them and they won’t touch you.
  • Eat ahead of time, a few haunted houses have some general concessions, buts its best to be all energized to go through the attractions.
  • Its for everyone!  A lot of people ask us “Aren’t haunted houses only for teens?”  Not at all!  We have thousands and thousands of people that view our haunted house listings and we can assure people from ALL AGES love to go haunted housing!   We don’t recommend taking small children, if they are under 12, you should probably just leave them with the sitter.  Between the darkness, the frights and all the walking they might get worn out too easily.

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